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Anatrac’s new logo

21 July, 2020

On the verge of reaching its second decade, Anatrac announces its new corporate identity that represents an evolution over its previous image, preserving its essence and staying true to its roots, while continuing to pursue the constant development and improvement.

Although the image of Anatrac is renewed, its spirit is preserved and the characteristic features of the brand – dedication to service, experience, professionalism, effectiveness and quality – are maintained and reinforced. Evolving in its logo, but preserving its characteristic colours, red and white, the brand seeks to keep its reference image while being updated at the dawn of the new decade.

With the renewal of its image, Anatrac attempts to make its constant evolution public, not only at the brand level, but also in reference to its offer/supply of products and services, in constant adjustment to the market, maintaining the characteristics of a committed, dynamic, technological, reliable, agile soul.

A company created and formed by professionals, dedicated to achieving an excellent result due to the security provided by the long experience in the sector, without fear of obstacles or setbacks, faces this evolutionary decision with positivity and energy, prepared for the adjustment to future changes, creating a representative, dynamic, and current visual system.

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