Environmental applications

Measuring air quality

Con certificaciones TÜV / M / CERTS y UNE 1481
Multiparameter analyzer NDIR / UV
Measure dry phase extraction
Integral analytical solution of modular construction
Low-maintenance systems
Until 4 modules of analysis
FTIR Technology
Systems without sample conditioning (Hot / Wet)
Until 16 simoultaneous components
Analyzers:  SO2, SH2, NOX, CO, CO2, O3, BTX
EPA, TUV, MCERTS certifieds
Dilution calibrators (Fixed and portable)
Automatic monitor and particle sensor captor (Total, PM-10, PM-25)
Remote cabins, mobile units
Custom designed applications
Calibtration systems
Fixed or portable weather stations
Independent sensors and compact sets
Acquisition, processing and data presentation
Acquisition systems and transmission of environmental data
Reports by law
Tailored developments to each user
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