Portable Gas Detectors Rent

Available detectors for rent:

           MicroClip X3                                      Gas Alert Quattro                                        Max XT II                                                              Impact & Impact Pro



                PS200                                                                    BM25                                                UltraRAE 3000
Hire a Rental Service (Ask for prices)
Short Term Rental
- Immediate availability of equipment.
- Minimum rental period of ten days.
- Possibility of extending the lease time before finalizing.
Long Term Rental
- Duration of the contract for 1, 2, 3 years, renewable.
- Maintenance, Revisions and Change of sensors included.
- Monthly billing.
Rental ATEX multi-gas detectors in UK and every country in Europe, delivery within 3-4 days.
Included services
- Semiannual calibrations performed by our qualified service.
- In the event of equipment failure will send one in replacement.
- Increasing the number of machines without new contract.
- Calibration Certificates available.
- Replacement equipment during the review of rented detector.
Our Strengths
- Rental detectors park with +3,800 detectors.
- Management system that allows constant detector tracking.
- Technical service recognized by the world's leading detection manufacturers (9,500 - calibrations / year).
- Referring clients who have trusted our service: CEPSA, ELECNOR, AIR LIQUIDE, REPSOL...
- Team with over 10 years experience in the rental service (+260 contracts / year).
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